Yep the kid is a Ham

Well it has been too long since anything was posted but never fear we have children so an update was needed. Without further ado here is Sam's 4th grade play enjoy.

Of all the names I have been called...

I have been called many names in my life. Some of them I liked, others I earned but the one I like best is one I have to earn every day. That name is dad. you see unlike some men I love that name and all of the things that come with it. Last week I was watching Parenthood with my family and Joel a great dad was having his nails painted by his daughter. For me this a constant occurrence.

That is my big toe as visualized by Sam. Amazing as it may seem I love when we play beauty shop. It is at that time I know I have connected with my daughter. for the life of me I cannot imagine what would drive a man to not play with their child and follow their every whim. For me that makes life worth living.

Wow where has this year gone? I realized that in all of my blogs this site has fallen by the wayside. Not good because besides being the only family focused site it is also my only pure HTML site. Besides that I have spent the year getting into shape well at least as much as I can. Sadly I may never be the movie star type but hey I am getting a lot better. What else well my sister is still healing from the loss of Riley. I am not sure she will ever be whole again but she is in my thoughts always. The work front is impossible I am not sure where this country is going to end but it seems the rich will get richer and the rest of us will be moved to the status of surf. I can only hope that the aliens come soon :)

Ok so this update is late. After 60 days of fighting Riley passed away. It seems her heart was not meant to be with us

Shit Shit Shit my niece was born today 1 month early. She is in NICU and I am 1000 miles away with no way to get there. My sister is in tears and hope seems to be gone from her world. I sit and hope she will be ok but it is hard to tell what will happen. In the meantime if anyone reads this think thoughts of hope for Riley.

Ok so this just pisses me off. Why is it that someone vents in cyberspace and ends up getting patted down and treated like a criminal. I think people forget that freedom of speech covers this type of ranting and unless actual harm is suspected cannot be acted upon. I know most people will give up freedoms for their perception of security but where does that leave the rest of us?

So to be fully honest I learned HTML before CSS and never updated my skillset. Well recently I have had to do way more in the way of HTML work and needed a refresher. This site will turn into a blog of sorts but rather then moving to Wordpress or other CMS\blogging software I am dedicating this to hand written HTML. Keep that in mind and bear with my learning curve it is coming just slowly.

This site exists in the hope of helping me and my family find harmony in this ever-changing world.
I do not expect any to read this but will use it as a place to rant and rave and with any luck at all find some harmony.